I can’t say enough good things about an item that costs so little! Its not the small price you pay for them but what they do for you and your cherished love ones. Don’t confuse them with a smoke detector which is on the ceiling. CO dectectors are mounted low.

   Carbon monoxide is a gas. It falls opposed to rising like smoke. It is present for many of the most unthinkable reasons, bird nests in flu piping, etc.

Furnaces are more app to run the most when it is the coldest outside. That is in the wee hours of the morning while you are asleep.

Carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless. You won’t wake up with a suspicion something is wrong. It is more like a stiff drink. You will go deeper into sleep and not wake up, unfortunately.

If you live alone, put it near your bedroom so the loud pitched alarm will wake you. If you have a family, put it in the hallway so everyone has a chance to here it.

Oh, I almost forgot. Don’t think that “ I have a newer furnace” is a solution. I insist the home owner that I just installed a top of line furnace for, to go right out that evening and buy one!

   I put this as my very first option on my home page for a reason. I am a pro. Don’t risk  your familys safety. “CO takes no prisoners!”

Don’t forget that they also expire. Check the dates.

They cost on the average of $30 . You can buy them everywhere, Walmart, Lowes, etc.

Don’t skimp on something that can save your life and by all means don’t put off getting one.

    I personally like the Kidde Hawk. Model KN-COPP-3.



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