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Air Conditioning

If you are considering a replacement of your air conditioning system for your home or business, Airstar LLC offers a variety of options along with expert recommendations that increase comfort and savings. Whether the primary focus is on saving on your monthly energy bills, or improving air quality with our state-of-the-art new installations, our HVAC system specialists are available to assist you in choosing the best unit for your needs.

Count on our friendly and experienced staff for guidance with:


Customized system design - Airstar LLC considers energy efficiency, indoor air quality and the well-being of your family and staff with a professional analysis of each aspect of your existing HVAC systems before making any repairs or installations.


Professional installation – An air conditioning system is only as good as the installation. Experienced Airstar LLC technicians are trained to provide advanced and practical service options for optimal efficiency and system reliability.


Brand name reliability - Airstar LLC sells and installs brand name air conditioning systems with a written manufacturer warranty for added peace of mind.


Extended warranties and after care service - In addition to the manufacturer warranty Airstar LLC offers low-cost extended warranty plans for added coverage on parts and labor. We also offer flexible maintenance plans that keep air conditioning systems running at peak performance.

In business to keep you comfortable, call (816) 229-6161 for top quality air-conditioning sales and service.





Choosing the right furnace for your home or business is an important investment. Select from a wide range of Airstar LLC’s standard economy models, up to the highest efficiency units available today.

Experienced technicians - Professional installation - Warranties you can trust.


A new gas, oil, water, or warm-air furnace not only saves money but provides added comfort and energy savings. Today’s advanced technology has greatly improved the efficiency of the modern furnace in accordance with more rigorous industry standards.

As a licensed heat pump contractor, Airstar LLC offers top quality heat pump installations, heat pump replacements, heat pump repairs, and heat pump maintenance in the region. AirStar LLC also installs ductless mini-split heat pumps that fulfill both residential and commercial requirements.

A professional Airstar LLC heat pump installation provides year-round climate control. A heat pump draws heat from a home or building during summer to keep it cooler and draws in warmth from the outside air to keep you warm when the temperatures drops.

As a full service heat pump service provider, we offer:


-Customized system installation and sizing according to your needs

-Energy efficiency assessments

-Flexible finance options

-Factory warranties and extended labor warranties





AirStar is one of the leading service and installation companies in the area. We service walk in coolers, walk in freezers, reach in's, ice machines, frozen drink machines and everything inbetween. We have had countless OEM training hours and hands on experience to get your system up and running quickly. All of our vehicles are generously stocked with common and not so common parts and refrigerants. Rest assured that we have the knowledge and know how to take care of your needs. Our experience will get the job done accurately and speedy.


Commercial Cooking Equipment


AirStar has been a leading restuarant service provider for a very long time. We have many OEM certifications from major manufacturers in ovens, flat grills, toasters, heatwells, heat lamps, fryers and more. Alot of these uncommon parts can be readily found on our trucks. We take pride in our work and understand the importance of every appliance.

As a licensed HVAC contractor and repair specialist, Airstar LLC has the equipment and know-how to fix any heating, ventilation or air conditioning need. Our experienced staff is available for emergency repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling (816) 229-6161.

HVAC comfort and peace of mind

Modern HVAC systems require today’s technicians to keep pace with new information on the many makes and models and the ever evolving technology of the industry. Airstar LLC technicians are certified and experienced with all HVAC systems and receive regular training upgrades. With extensive experience for providing HVAC diagnostic and repair services, our staff keeps homes and businesses energy efficient and ensures that your heating, cooling and ventilation systems are running smoothly.

The Airstar LLC Guarantee:

Licensed and insured technicians

Reliable recommendations


Servicing on all leading brand name equipment

Customer Satisfaction

Honest assessments – up front pricing

When you call us to your home or business to fix a heating or cooling problem, we check and test your entire system. Count on Airstar LLC to offer honest assessments for either repair or replacements to your HVAC systems and to fully advise you of all of your options. We never recommend services that you don’t need and our pricing is always up front. Whether you need repairs to a single unit air conditioner, professional air duct cleaning; a new part for your gas or oil-fired furnace, or an inspection, our experienced work crew always provide prompt, courteous and reliable service to both commercial and residential customers.

For repairs large or small, our single goal is to ensure that your HVAC systems are functioning properly. Schedule an appointment for your free consultation by calling (816) 229-6161 with any heating or cooling concern.

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